Technical Department

The Technical Department of DCIL functions as a nucleus of engineers to ensure that the DCI Dredgers/Crafts are optimally maintained for undertaking the dredging operations to fulfill the contractual obligations of DCIL. The Department liaisons with statutory bodies in order to perform in accordance with all the applicable National/International rules and regulations. The Department also guides Masters and CEOs for maximizing the availability and efficiency of all machineries and equipments on board the dredger. It forms the backbone of the dredging services that are being provided by DCIL.

The Technical Department also strives to enhance the performance of the DCI Dredgers/Crafts by following the planned maintenance schedules for all machineries and equipments, as well as timely completion of scheduled dry dock repairs. The Technical Department to meet any critical gaps in technological needs, it identifies and arranges to extend services and material support from original equipment manufacturers. The other important functions of the Technical Department are arranging supplies of spares, stores and fuels to the dredgers including routine inspection, defect reporting and defect rectification.

The Technical Department is headed by General Manager (Tech) assisted by Dy. General Managers, Managers, Dy. Managers, Asst. Managers and administrative staff in day to day functions of the Department. At every project office technical and material persons are posted to attend day to day needs of the operating dredgers/crafts who in turn reports to the Project Manager. The Head Office monitors the daily performance of the dredgers, guides the Masters and CEOs, to prevent breakdown of machinery to avoid loss of dredging time.

        To maintain DCI Dredgers/Crafts in good working condition and enabling availability as per the MOU targets for the current financial year.
        To monitor fuel consumption of DCI Dredgers/Crafts so as to not exceed the MOU targets for the current financial year.
        Optimum utilization of dredging machineries and equipments by complying with Statutory Rules and Regulations.
        Effective implementation of management systems like ISO, ISM, ISPS, ISO, QMS, EMS,etc. as per Standards.
        All functions relating to repairs and maintenance management of DCI Dredgers/Crafts.
        All functions of material management covering planning, procurement and accounting of spares and stores.
        Functions related to clearing and forwarding of imported spares with customs, suppliers and other agencies around Chennai.
        Entering into annual rate contracts for supply of materials of repetitive nature to dredgers at various projects.
        Disposal of unserviceable and obsolete items generated during dry dock repairs as scrap thru approved agencies.
        Entering into rate schedule contracts with local workshops for support to attend running repairs and breakdowns at various projects.
        Supplying of fuels and lubricants to all DCI Dredgers/Crafts at various projects by adhering to government regulations.
        Disposal of waste oil generated by DCI Dredgers/Crafts at various projects by following government regulations.
        Responsible for transportation logistics for connecting up spares from the central stores complex to DCI Dredgers/Crafts at various projects.
        Planning and preparation of tenders and estimates for dry docking and various other repair activities.
        Execution and supervising of all the dry dock and mini lay-up repairs at the repair yards.
        Scrutiny and settlement of all dry dock and running repair bills.
        Scrutiny and evaluation of all DCI Dredgers/Crafts monthly returns.
        Correspondence with MMD, DG Shipping and IRS for obtaining the necessary certification and extensions.
        Attending to non-conformities and observations of internal and external audits of DCI Dredgers/Crafts and head office.
        All matters related to ISO, ISM, ISPS, PMS, QMS, EMS and other developmental activities.
        Identifying the training needs and imparting training to the personnel of the department time to time.
        Liaison with Finance department for document preparation meant for Insurance claims