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03/07/2020 Tender for Supply of Glass Partition in lobbies at DCI HO DCI/HR/06/ELECT/GLASS PARTITION/2020/ HO,VSKP 15/07/2020 15/07/2020
03/07/2020 Tender for DCI LOGO and Name Board DCI/HR/06/ELECT/DCILogo/2020/ HO,VSKP 15/07/2020 15/07/2020
02/07/2020 Tender for CC Cameras at DCI New Building DCI/HR/06/ELECT/EMS/2020/ HO,VSKP 14/07/2020 14/07/2020
30/06/2020 Tender for Chartering of Dredgers for the maintenance Dredging at JNPT Mumbai DCI/HO/OPS/JNPT/CHARTERING/2020/ HO,VSKP 29/07/2020 29/07/2020
26/06/2020 Hiring of Dredgers for sub-contracting for maintenance of channels and basins at Cochin Port DCI/HO/OPS/KOCHI/SUB-CONTRACT/2020 HO,VSKP 27/07/2020 27/07/2020
26/06/2020 Tender for Dry Dock and afloat Repairs of DCI DREDGE-XII Corrigendum-1 DCI/TECH/HO/2020-21 HO,VSKP 06/07/2020 06/07/2020
16/04/2020 Supply of Deck Engine and Saloon items on Biennial Rate on Contract Basis - Corrigendum-1,5,6 DCI/MAT/RC/DES/5052/2019-20/2 Visakhapatnam 06/07/2020 07/07/2020

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