Risk Management & Budget (RM & B) Department is responsible for implementation of Risk Management Policy and preparation of Annual Budget & Variance.

Regular review of potential risks of the Corporation which include running & upcoming projects with their impacts, likeliness and severity of said potential risks. RM & B Dept, coordinates with concerned departments for identification and implementation of mitigation measures to control/reduce potential risks.

RM & B Dept, in coordination with all departments, is responsible for preparation of annual budget which include vessel/project wise production, revenue & expenditure, vessel targets with respect to running & upcoming projects. Regular monitoring of variance of actuals with respect to budget and provides guidance to concerned departments with regard to variance to enable them in taking corrective actions for effective planning, optimum production and timely completion of projects.
HOD (RM & B) is the head of the department and reports to MD & CEO.

        Risk Assessment

        Preparation of Budget and regular monitoring of variance.